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4 Products

A template for showcasing 4 products.

carrd podcast template

Simple Podcast

Perfect for a small or simple podcast. freelancer templates

Freelancer Gold

For Freelancers, Consultants, Resumes.

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Dark Start Up

A simple dark landing page.

product template for

White Start Up

White + Illustrations = ❤️

product template for

Dope Photography

Showcase your beautiful photos.

product template for

Nxt Level

A great template for collecting emails.

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Blue Vibes

4 page site in blue & white.

product template for

App Lander

A beautiful landing page for your new app.

product template for

Simple Directory

Organize and categorize your stuff.

product template for


A yummy restaurant template.

product template for

Dark Directory

A directory with web design resources.

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Personal Showcase

Display who you are & what you've done.

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Clean Sign Up

Start collecting emails with this template.

product template for

The Newsletter

Sign up form + previous example.

product template for


Use this to showcase your SaaS business.

funky template for

Funky Portfolio

A fresh & funky way to display yourself.

explain template for


Explain your product/service.

product template for

Your Links

Keep all your links in one place.

product template for

Software Lander

Dark, fast & clear describes this template.

product template for


Landing page for an agency or freelancer.

product template for

Being me!

A template to showcase who you are.

product template for

Dark Agency

Showcase your agency or business.

product template for

Personal Minimalist

A minimalistic personal template.

product template for

6 Colors

Showcase & Explain with colors!

product template for

Book Author

A lander to sell your book.

product template for

Local Dentist

Get more calls to your dental clinic.

product template for

Dark Sign-Up

A great way to collect more emails.

template for

Split Portfolio

A personal site to show what you've done.

template for

Simple Store

Sell your products online with this template.

product template for


Show off your work with gradients.

product template for

Startup Nation

Made by @jeunecisse

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