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Software Lander

Dark, fast & clear describes this template.

White Startup

White + Illustrations = ❤️

App Lander

Landing page for promoting your app.

Startup Nation

Made by @jeunecisse

Blue Vibes

4 page site in blue & white.

Simple Directory

Organize and categorize your stuff.


Show off your work with gradients.

Personal Minimalist

A minimalistic personal template.

Being Me

A template to showcase who you are.

The Newsletter

Sign up form + previous example.

Dark Sign Up

A dark way to collect more emails.


Use this to showcase your SaaS business.

Dark Agency

Showcase your agency or business.

Book Author

A lander to sell your book.

Local Dentist

Get more calls to your dental clinic.

Simple Store

Sell your products online.

Book Sign Up

Made by @thienyknt

6 Colors

Showcase & Explain with colors.

Dark Directory

A directory with web design resources.


Explain your product/service.

A Restaurant

A yummy restaurant template.

Funky Portfolio

A fresh & funky way to display yourself.

Simple Podcast

Perfect for a small or simple podcast.

Your Links

Keep all your links in one place.

Freelancer Gold

For Freelancers, Consultants, Resumes.

4 Products

Multi Page, Showcase your work.

Personal Showcase

Display who you are & what you've done.

Dope Photography

Showcase your beautiful photos.

Dark Startup

A simple dark blue/purple landing page.

Agency 123

Landing page for an agency or freelancer.

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